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News—CCTV Video Shows Violent Robbery at Ormond Beach Pharmacy

WFTV has obtained CCTV video from a violent pharmacy robbery in Ormond Beach last year.
Police said three suspects tied up two employees and stole pain pills.
Prosecutors said Freddie Giddens was the first of the three suspects to rush in to the Ormond pharmacy in September, armed with a gun.
CCTV video shows Giddens pointing the gun at pharmacist Magday Fam.
Another robber then jumped over the counter with a roll of Duct tape in his hand Fam’s technician tried to run out of the office, but police said Giddens grabbed her and forced her to the floor. Police said he then put the 9 mm to her neck and guided her to the safe.
Eduardo Costa owns the salon next door.  He called 911 while the robbery was still in progress.

Troubleshoot a CCD Mini CCTV Board Camera

If you own a CCD mini CCTV board camera, you may run into problems from time to time. If your CCD mini CCTV board camera does not function properly, you can perform the following actions to troubleshoot the device and figure out how to best resolve the issue.
First, find the product manual that came with the device. You can use this as a reference guide while troubleshooting the CCD mini CCTV board camera. If you can’t find it, you can usually download a copy from the manufacturer’s Web site.
Second, find reposition the camera. At times, you may have issues due to poor or too bright lighting. Put the mini camera focused at a different angle or in a new location if you’re suffering poor picture quality.
Third, look at all connection wires. Many CCD mini CCTV board cameras fail due to wiring problems. Compare your wiring configuration to the wiring diagrams in the manual.
Forth, adjust the controls of the camera. Return your controls to their default settings to see if this fixes the problem.
Finally, check the wireless connection. If you have an IP mini surveillance camera, your reception may not be working properly. Reset the router and then attempt to use the device again.

How Security Cameras Work in Banks

Customers visiting bank branches are often waiting to see a teller, loan officer, or customer service person. Security cameras and digital signage have evolved into sophisticated communications links between bank and depositor as electronic improvements permit the broadcasting of wide varieties of information. And today they are used for all manner of security issues.
You’ll find security cameras sweeping the perimeter and parking areas, lobbies, drive-up windows and ATMS. Almost everyone who has worked in the industry and many customers has used security cameras to prevent and/or identify illegal activity at banking facilities.
CCTV video tapes and digital surveillance recordings capture the faces and activities of everyone using bank properties. These are archived by date, so prior recordings can be located and used to solve problems and help apprehend perpetrators of illegal bank activity.
For example, someone knowingly cashes an NSF or stolen check. Upon contact, they deny visiting the bank and cashing the check fraudulently. Accessing the surveillance video for the day in question should show the person and the problem check. Case closed.

Low Illumination Starlight 600TVL Super WDR Sony CCD Board Camera

If you are searching for fully advanced and modern technology in your toy RC helicopters, then a better choice would be the brand-new and popular RC camera. RC helicopters have developed into a big marque in the last few years due to its high and upper-class quality helicopters and innovative engineering. Now let us check out some of the benefits and characteristics of RC helicopters. The cameras are so small in size that you can hide the camera anywhere in your RC helicopter. Not only this, you could put it in other RC models also, like RC model airplanes, RC cars and many more. It is quite adjustable and can be fit into any RC merchandise.
This is a 1/3" Sony CCD board camera with 600TVL high resolution, super WDR function, ultra low illumination, 2.8mm wide angle lens, very good for capturing vehicle plate.
1/3” Sony CCD
Ultra High Resolution: 600TVL
8Zone Motion Detection
OSD Menu
Professional capturing vehicle plate number
Low illumination B/W Model: 0.0001
2.8mm wide angle lens
Sensor IR function